Letter to Ways and Means Committee on CHP

The Honorable Tom Reed
Chair, Manufacturing Caucus
U.S. House of Representatives
2437 Rayburn House Office Building
Re: Support for H.R. 5167, the “Technologies for Energy Security Act”
Dear Congressman Reed,
The Electricity Consumers Resource Council (ELCON) and the Combined Heat and Power Association (CHPA) are writing to express our support for H.R. 5167, the Technologies for Energy Security Act.  This bipartisan legislation includes language that extends the combined head and power (CHP) investment tax credit (ITC) for five years, stimulating further development of this critical, cost-effective, energy-efficient, and environmentally-sensible resource.    
ELCON is the national association representing large industrial users of electricity, many of whom operate CHP facilities. CHPA represent a wide range of organizations that invest in, develop, manufacture, and otherwise promote technologies that make efficient use of heat and power, including CHP, waste heat recovery, and district energy.
CHP is an important part of our nation’s energy mix. Currently, the United States has an installed capacity of over 82 gigawatts of CHP at more than 4,100 industrial and commercial facilities, but there remains 149 gigawatts of potential CHP. To begin to tap that potential, the Administration has set a goal of 40 gigawatts of new, cost-effective CHP by 2020. The further development of CHP enhances our energy security by reducing our national energy requirements, improves business international competitiveness by increasing energy efficiency and reducing costs, diversifies energy supplies by enabling further integration of domestically produced and renewable fuels, advances environmental goals by reducing CO2 and other pollutants, improves grid reliability, and creates jobs.
Extending the ITC is necessary to reach that goal and therefore we strongly support H.R. 5167, applaud you for your leadership on this important issue, and look forward to working with you to enact this bill into law.
Sincerely yours,
John Hughes
Dale Louda
cc:  House Committee on Ways and Means